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Kylene’s ability to provide the highest level of customer service under extremely stressful and busy circumstances is rare. She understands the importance of relationship building and treats every customer with respect. She is able to think on her feet and resolves any issues that arise, quickly and efficiently. Kylene is a wonderful mentor to the people with whom she works. Her anticipatory skills enable her to be prepared for the countless situations that arise on a day to day basis. She remains calm and poised and is a great example to those around her. Kylene’s always-positive attitude is refreshing and infectious. Clients leave feeling good about themselves and with a smile on their face. Joan S.

Kylene is a hard working driven individual. She adapts to ever-changing customer demands and works effectively under pressure. She always maintains a positive attitude and a clear sense of detail, strives on a job well done and is very organized. She is very considerate of other team members and works well independently or collaboratively in order to get the job done. She is proactive as well as results oriented, she takes actions for the issues at hand and always delivered results.
Her bright and outgoing personality creates an amazing work environment for her customers and fellow team members. Chantale W.